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Who We Are

Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship is a Christian faith-based organization focused on caring for creation and educating others to do the same.  We believe that the task and responsibility of human beings is that of stewardship - the responsible care and life-sustaining interdependence with the creation and all its creatures and systems. 

PRI educates and equips servant leaders and provides various place-based services to the greater community. We offer opportunities for volunteers, students and the public to learn about caring for our earthly home.  We provide formal and informal opportunities for people to develop the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes to continue this work on their own. 

Specifically, we work to restore degraded habitats on our 175-acre site and throughout the Puget Sound Region, while equipping others to do the same.  We propagate 50 species of rare native plants for use in ecological restoration work. 

Discover more about PRI by checking out our History and Frequently Asked Questions, or looking under our What We Do section.