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Who We Are


  • Robert K. Pelant, DVM
    Robert K. Pelant, DVM

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Pelant is the founder and CEO of PRI. He has lived and worked on site since June 2005. Robert’s former career took him all over the world working with indigenous tribes, bonded laborers, transhumant pastoralists and others as well as with central and provincial governments and intergovernmental organizations including the UN. His focus was human and animal health, sustainable development and ecological restoration. He lives on Whidbey Island with Joanne, his wife, and they have two adult sons, Zach, married to Dani, and Luke.

  • Mosa Neis
    Mosa Neis

    Restoration Technician

    Mosa, a graduate from South Whidbey High School, grew up on the island but left after graduation to seek schooling and employment opportunities. She has over 15 years of administrative and leadership experience, having worked for a large corporation, a small company and even an animal hospital in Lynnwood. Upon joining PRI in 2015, Mosa stated, “I was glad to be heading out into the bigger world after high school graduation, but am just as glad to be returning to Whidbey now. I am excited about PRI’s mission and am excited to help PRI become even more relevant to our community and beyond.”

  • Dawn Meredith
    Dawn Meredith

    Field Staff - Part time

    Dawn joined PRI in 2020 and works part time doing habitat restoration. Dawn says, "I always loved plants and this is a perfect place for me. Now I get to learn the Latin names of the native plants, their propagation, capabilities and other interesting details. For example, Castilleja levisecta, the golden paintbrush, thrives when planted near Achillea millefolium - yarrow. Each day I learn something new about native plants and their value and uses."

  • Mira Thomas, MEd
    Mira Thomas, MEd


    Mira joined PRI in 2021 and handles our administrative work - which includes just about everything! She has a masters degree in Education and has worked with numerous nonprofits and service organizations.

  • Alex Visser
    Alex Visser

    Groundskeeper - Part time

    Alex lives in Oak Harbor and looks forward to his drives down to Coupeville and PRI. He enjoys many activities, specifically playing on his iPad, listening to modern music, going on walks, visiting his parents, and taking short road trips around Washington. His favorite treat is chocolate ice cream which he looks forward to rewarding himself with after a hard day’s work.

  • Laura Jiles

    Field Staff - Part time

    Laura is a graduate of the Skagit Valley Community College with an emphasis on Environmental Studies. She enjoys plants and animals at work and at home. Laura work in the office and in our Native Plant Center.

  • Michele Hines
    Michele Hines


    Michele joined PRI in January 2023 and also serves as the Executive Director of SPiN Cafe in Oak Harbor.