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Who We Are

  • Forrest Inslee
    Forrest Inslee

    Executive Director

    Dr. Forrest Inslee grew up in Cascadia, and has deep roots in the region. “I’ve lived in lots of places around the world,” he explains, “but the Pacific Northwest is the place I know and love best. I believe that the key to working for the good of the whole planet is to nurture love for the place you’re in.” Before coming to PRI, Forrest served for more than 20 years as a graduate professor of global studies and community development, and he currently hosts the Earthkeepers podcast. He completed his master’s and doctoral studies in communication and ethnography at Northwestern University, and later earned an MA in Theology from Regent College.

  • Mosa Neis
    Mosa Neis

    Restoration Technician

    Mosa, a graduate from South Whidbey High School, grew up on the island but left after graduation to seek schooling and employment opportunities. She has over 15 years of administrative and leadership experience, having worked for a large corporation, a small company and even an animal hospital in Lynnwood. Upon joining PRI in 2015, Mosa stated, “I was glad to be heading out into the bigger world after high school graduation, but am just as glad to be returning to Whidbey now. I am excited about PRI’s mission and am excited to help PRI become even more relevant to our community and beyond.”

  • Julie Clark
    Julie Clark

    Administrative Assistant

    Julie, a graduate of Coupeville High School, moved to the Whidbey the summer of 2004. She graduated University of Evansville with a BA in English, and worked in the food service Industry along both coasts before returning to Whidbey the winter of 2021. Before joining PRI, Julie worked as an administrative assistant in her home church, the Coupeville United Methodist Church. Her favorite part of working for PRI is learning about the different flowers grown in the Native Plant Center.

  • Dawn Meredith
    Dawn Meredith

    Field Staff - Part time

    Dawn joined PRI in 2020 and works part time doing habitat restoration. Dawn says, "I always loved plants and this is a perfect place for me. Now I get to learn the Latin names of the native plants, their propagation, capabilities and other interesting details. For example, Castilleja levisecta, the golden paintbrush, thrives when planted near Achillea millefolium - yarrow. Each day I learn something new about native plants and their value and uses."

  • Michele Hines
    Michele Hines


    Michele joined PRI in January 2023 and also serves as the Executive Director of SPiN Cafe in Oak Harbor.

  • Tristan Levine
    Tristan Levine

    Nursery Manager - Part Time

    Tristan had a strong interest in forgeable berries and mushrooms, which led her to study native plants and fruiting perennials. When Covid hit, Tristan wanted to get out of the office and began working at Venture Out Nursery. Now Tristan is working part-time at PRI. She is also working on her certification in the Master Gardener Volunteer program, and is the lead gardener for the Native Plant Garden in the Master Gardener Education Garden at the Greenbank farm.