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Native Plant Center

Living Laboratory

To visit our Native Plant Center or to purchase plants, contact us to arrange an appointment or stop by the office for drop-ins.

The PRI Native Plant Center includes our native plant nursery beds, greenhouse and shade area. 

We produce up to 50 species of bareroot or potted live plants, seeds, bulbs and rhizomes.

Our North Sound Golden Paintbrush Nursery is where we grow plants from all parts of the North Puget Sound together, to facilitate out-crossing and genetic vigor.  The golden paintbrush plant (Castilleja levisecta) is listed on the Endangered Species List as threatened in the State of Washington.  PRI has one of the largest and most rapidly expanding populations in existence.  

We collect seeds and bulbs of 50 species of rare and threatened native plants on our site as well as eight properties we help manage for private landowners in Central Whidbey.  These seeds and bulbs serve to enhance our site's genetic vigor and form the foundation for restoration at PRI and throughout the Puget Sound Region.  

We sell native plants, bulbs, seeds and rhizomes to federal and state agencies, and private institutions and organizations, as well as private landowners.