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Native Plant Center

Living Laboratory

Native Plant Center

The PRI Native Plant Center includes our native plant nursery beds, greenhouse and shade area.  The greenhouse is 25' x 50' and has the capacity for growing upwards of 50,000 native plants at a time.  The shade house system was expanded in 2020, mainly by volunteer John Deir, from 840 ft2 to 1,980 ft2.  The nursery includes ground-level beds using weed block as well as raised beds, for species that rabbits and voles find particularly appetizing!

Native plant seeds are sown directly into beds (lilies, irises and annuals), or we use "plugs" - small plants contained in plastic tubes 1.5" x 5".  Sterile growing medium (Promix or similar) is used when we grow plugs.  The main seeding times are early summer through November.  Some species, like the endangered golden paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta) must grow for a year in the plug prior to out-planting in the field.  Other species are ready for out-planting as early as four to five weeks after seeding into plugs.

We collect and process native plants and seeds on our 175 acre site, as well as from eight other sites of supporting landowners throughout Whidbey Island. 

Our core production of plants is directed at our prairie and savanna habitat restoration needs and those of others throughout the Puget Sound region.  We also produce for landowners wishing to "go native" in part of their existing gardens or to designate part of their lawns for growing native plants to attract pollinators.

We currently accept orders from organizations and individuals.  

PRI increasingly produces seeds of up to 20 species of rare native plants and bulbs/corms/rhizomes of another seven species, for sale to federal, state and local conservation organizations including the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to visit and/or volunteer in our Native Plant Center, please give us a call!