As an organization committed to equipping people and communities to live sustainbly and care for Creation, we are committed to being able to "walk our talk".

We are far from perfect.

We understand that it takes money and resources to change a less sustainable system (buildings originally constructed in 1946) into one more sustainable.  As we find the resources to become more sustainable, we strive to engage community in the process so that our experiences can serve as learning opportunities for us all.

Recent improvements:

Community Energy Challenge - A representative of CEC audited our campus helping us determine where we were losing or wasting energy.  Most of our lighting has been upgraded to LEDs.  We continue to focus on efficiency improvements as they are the most cost-effective means of reducing waste and saving money.

Sustainability Intern - Scott Stavely completed a sustainability audit here as part of his graduate studies from Everygreen State College.  Not only did he make improvements to the campus while here he also provided a detailed list of recommendations on reducing waste and otherwise lowering our ecological footprint.


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